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Grand Hank, Master Scientist and Television Personality


A former research chemist for Johnson & Johnson, Tyraine Ragsdale (a.k.a. Grand Hank) is the founder and president of Grand Hank Productions, Incorporated (GHPI), a multimedia education company. Since founding GHPI in 1989, Grand Hank has had a profound impact on STEM education, reaching more than 10 million students, parents, and teachers globally.


Ragsdale co-founded the Science of Philadelphia and Science Lab of Grand Hank television series in collaboration with the Philadelphia School District, which aired for 19 years. Ragsdale was also the recipient of the George Washington Carver Award and the Man of the Year Award for his outstanding accomplishments in the field of science. He also took the Grand Hank STEM Road Show Tour to South Africa, visiting 11 cities and providing professional development training for teachers and students.


His latest project is the renovation and construction of the new Grand Hank STEM Center for Inner City Youth located adjacent to LaSalle University in Philadelphia. Currently, the national Grand Hank STEM Road Show Tour has visited more than 25 cities across the United States, exposing students to STEM and energy career opportunities.


Grand Hank has built both a national and international brand through his innovative approach to delivering STEM education content through event-based instruction. Grand Hank’s mission is to introduce, highlight and reinforce student’s understanding of the fundamentals of STEM.


As a speaker, presenter, curriculum designer and television personality Grand Hank’s primary goal is to cultivate more scientifically literate students and return the United States to the #1 ranking in the world in STEM.